Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program. . .

I'll admit-June was out of control for me, or as I affectionately refer to it: June S*it on itself.

In a nutshell: This month, my job sort of spun out of control, and I had a ton dumped on my plate. We had a lot of stuff home-wise (my bridal shower-brought to you by Michelle of Mommy Confessions, again-the blog you've been missing in life, our yearly BBQ, me and Mr. TDWP had our engagement pictures taken, etc. etc. etc.) , and I needed to chill out and take a step back for a few. Now, before you go calling the "waaaahhh"-bulance, it's over, and that's the last you'll hear from it. Onto the update, crybaby.

The bad news? There wasn't enough wine to get me through this month.

The good news? I baked a few things, just didn't have enough time to get it all posted, and got some great ideas from some unfortunate events (The Jackson family sweet potato pie recipe, anyone? No, really. REALLY. Coming soon to a blog near you.)

I also brought a few new cookbooks to go through, including "little cakes from the whimsical bakehouse" and "500 cupcakes". Expect a review on both books and a series on cupcakes, and soon.

P.S, Still in the market for someone to make the page all super pretty and not so livejournal-tastic. I'll pay you-and in real money, not baked goods like I try to pawn off on everyone else. Interested? Let me know.

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