Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Cake Chronicles

I have a confession to make. 

I used box cake mix. There, I said it. It feels good. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right? Now, don't get me wrong-there's nothing wrong with cake mix. Me and Betty Crocker have had some really good times. In fact, some of peoples favorite cakes are the super yummy doctored cake mixes that I make (*see below). However, being in the field of cake, the times I do use a mix I feel like I'm "cheating". I lecture my students on how to make their cakes the best, solve all of their problems, and on my way home pick up a box of Super Moist (my pick, btw-french vanilla is yummy).  Why do I do it, then? Because I can count the number of homemade cake mixes that I enjoy on one hand. And I don't need to use all of my fingers to do it. 

I'm still on my search for the ever elusive "perfect" cake recipe. It's moist, it's flavorful, it has amazing texture, and it's easy to make. Basically, it's right over there next to the fountain of youth, easily accessible by unicorn or flying pig. So I bring to you, the Cake Chronicles-my search for the best cake recipe. Vanilla or Chocolate. Tres Leche or Black Forest. If they tell me it's going to be the best, i'll try it. Have a recipe that you think looks good but are afraid to try? Send away.

Cakes will be judged/reviewed in two ways-First, i'll make the cakes exactly as stated-no substitutions or tricks that I may have. The only substitution that i'll make is for pans-shape or disposable if I have a lot of cake to make that day. I'll document the entire process, then i'll review and judge based on taste, ease of preparation, and if the cake delivers on it's promise- "easiest" better be easy, etc. Second, there will be a taste test by a panel of expert chefs with impeccable palettes  people who really like cake. The cake then gets an overall "yay" or "nay" based on the above, and I give you the recipe in case you'd like to try. Sounds easy enough, right? RIGHT?                  

(A note on doctoring cake mixes-For every box mix, add ingredients as directed, +1 extra egg and a packet of the pudding mix of your choice.)

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